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Extrusion line for polymeric packing production was started up in Belarus

Carnevalli together with Terra Print have realized a large project in the field of plastic film production — the extrusion line Carnevalli Polaris COEX 3 PO was opened up at BZPI.

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Individual approach to our customers, one hundred percent of the quality assurance, usage of European technologies and large range of products — all of this concerning corporate and social responsibility of the Open Joint Stock Company “Borisov plastic products plant.”

JSC “BPPP”- is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic goods on theterritory of the Republic of Belarus.The history of our plant began in 1966 when the first product was produced.For many years the company has increased production capacity and multiplying the product range.

We care about the quality of our products and a great attention is paid to the equipment modernization.Thus, in 2001, the plant has successfully mastered pipes with bells and fittings made of polypropylene for domestic sewage systems as well as pipes and fittings for hot and cold water systems.In 2003 began to produce thin films of a high quality.In February 2006 the pipe line «Proton 12030G» (Austria) started the production of pipes up to 630 mm.Three months later equipment for rotational molding “Rotobox PB3502V” (Italy), which produced polymer container of 120, 240, 700 liters, was put into exploitation.And in 2008 the company introduced a new extrusion line Carnevalli Polaris COEX 3PO, which allowed producing of multilayer films with wide sleeves up to 3m, a maximum thickness of 250mk.

At present day in the range of the products there are more than a thousand of different goods.We continually strive to respond most effectively on the demands of today's market, so every year corporate directory updated with 20-new products of the consumer and industrial usage. The main types of the products and their usage:

 1.Pipes and fittings:
- Pipes and fittings made of polyethylene for water pipelines transporting;
- Pipes and fittings made of polyethylene for underground distribution systems;
- Pipes and fittings made of polypropylene for domestic hot and cold water systems;
- Pipes and fittings made of polypropylene for internal sewage system;        
- Polyamide pipes for fuel and air brake systems of heavy trucks and passenger cars;
- Pipes, casings for pre-insulated pipes;
- Pipes made of the recycled polyethylene.
2.Film and film products (with sleeves wide up to 3 m and a maximum thickness of 250 microns):
- Agricultural film;
- Shrink film;
- Mulching film;
- Polymer sleeves for rolled grain storing;
- Packaging film for use in the food industry;
- Plastic bags and other film products.
3.Plastics products:
- Consumer goods made of plastic: for the garden, commercial and household usage, kitchen, bathroom and toilet;
- Products for storage and transportation of the liquid goods;
- Polymeric containers for solid wastes keeping;
- Container (Boxes) of 620dm3 for safekeeping of fruit and vegetable;
- Pallets.
4. Household chemicals:
- Detergents;
- Detergents, synthetic powders;
- Auxiliaries for laundry;
- Synthetic detergents for industrial purposes;
- Plant protection;
- Adhesives.

All products manufactured by JSC” BPPP”, meet national standards of the Republic of Belarus and being tested in our own accredited test laboratory.The quality management system meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001.

Experienced and high qualified employees masterfully work in the most difficult situations, providing high quality of products and reliable partnerships. We appreciate every customer and always looking for new opportunities for cooperation and implementation of joint projects.







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Minsk region,  Borisov, Dauman Str., 97

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