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To foreign investors

Extrusion line for polymeric packing production was started up in Belarus

Carnevalli together with Terra Print have realized a large project in the field of plastic film production — the extrusion line Carnevalli Polaris COEX 3 PO was opened up at BZPI.

To foreign investors


To foreign investors about manufactures development in the Republic of Belarus.

1. “Development of the metalpolymer -pipe production for domestic heating systems”

Project goal: development of modern metalpolymer -pipe heating systems production process for use inside the buildings. Usages of modern metalpolymer -pipes simplify the assembly of the heating systems, decreasing the cost of construction and give opportunity to replace the import of the similar products to the Republic of Belarus.
Equipment: line for production of metalpolymer five- layer tubes. (PPR 80, PPR100)
Investment requirement: 450 000 USD.
Payback: 2.17 years.
Net profit: 320 thousand USD.
Sales area: The Republic of Belarus- 300 t

2. “Modernization of the film production site on the JSC“BZPI "

Project goal: expansion of the films production range, film products. Produce films with new properties, allowing extension of their scope of application.
Equipment: extrusion lines for films production in excess of 4 units

Investment requirements: 5.5 million USD.
Payback: 3,5 years.
Net profit: 1 560 thousand USD.
Sales area: The Republic of Belarus and CIS countries -7300t

3. "Developing of the spiral-wound pipes manufacturing»

Project goal: development of polymeric spiral-wound pipes used for the construction of sewers, septic tanks, manhole.
Equipment: machine for coiling of pipe profile and welding of coils.

Investment requirement: 350 000 USD.
Payback period: 1 year.
Net profit: 570 thousand USD.


If you are interested in our investment projects, contact the telephone numbers listed:
Director Leonid Rodich tel. (10-375-177) 73-43-56.
Chief Engineer Vladimir L. Pavlovitch (10-375-177) 74-48-15

The public corporation “Borisov plastic production factory” will be your reliable partner, ready for long-term and successful cooperation!



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