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To foreign investors

Extrusion line for polymeric packing production was started up in Belarus

Carnevalli together with Terra Print have realized a large project in the field of plastic film production — the extrusion line Carnevalli Polaris COEX 3 PO was opened up at BZPI.

Polyethylene film

Polyethylene film  is made by extrusion of high pressure polyethylene. It is widely applied by various industrial enterprises, furniture factories etc. as a packing material; building and repair organizations — as waterproof, protective and technological material; in agriculture — as  soil protective material.

Polyethylene film brand «N» is produced as a sleeve, the sleeve folded double, with a folding and also in the form of a semisleeve and a cloth , in thickness from 0,02 mm to 0,25 mm, width of a sleeve and a semisleeve from 150 to 6000 mm. Addition of various additives, modifiers and dyes is possible.

Agroindustrial enterprises

It is used as soil protective material, for warming up of soil after winter period before planting of cultures for the purpose of their growth and ripening acceleration. Also it is used as waterproof material for arrangements of nursery-gardens, in hothouses and hothouse constructions. For shelter of hothouses we recommend to use specialized long-term hothouse film for hothouses cover.

Building factories

At building of constructions it is used for maintenance of  tightness and air resistance, for protection against infiltration of dampness from air in buildings; for protection of building materials and other subjects which are kept in the street shortly (about 3 months). At longer storage it is recommended to use light-stabilized film.

Furniture factories

Polyethylene film provides heat — and moisture protection to fabric and leather upholsteries of furniture, prevents emersion of scores and baldiness on front and other parts of case furniture. Unlike  secondary films, the top grade film has excellent exterior, that in  plays primary role, has high elasticity that allows to use more thin film while packing. It is also more transparent and, accordingly, colour of an upholstery and model of soft case furniture is perfectly visible through it.


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