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Extrusion line for polymeric packing production was started up in Belarus

Carnevalli together with Terra Print have realized a large project in the field of plastic film production — the extrusion line Carnevalli Polaris COEX 3 PO was opened up at BZPI.

Polypropylene pipes and fittings for inner hot water and cold water supply

Pipes and fittings made of polypropylene “Random copolymer” are used for inner hot water and cold water supply conduits and for industrial pipe-lines. Pipe-line made of PPRC is a remarkable decision for internal wiring of cold and hot water supply.

Polypropylene pipes from the Borisov Plastic Products Plant are produced from high-quality propylene of modern generation – random copolymer BOREALIS RA 130E.
Random copolymer (type3) is a modification of polypropylene, which supplies with better characteristics and, first of all, continuous firmness to high temperature and pressure. Pressure conduits made of this material gave an excellent account of themselves during 1980s and 90s in many developed and developing countries. They can be considered to be an optimal industrial solution in our conditions: modern, ecologically neutral, long-lasting supply and heating systems, which allow to replace traditional steel wiring – by parts as well as entirely – with minimum expenses.
The reason for PPRC pipes success primarily is in material properties. First of all, polypropylene is absolutely non-toxic: even if to bring it to fire, only carbonic acid and water will escape. Secondly, this material is not sensitive to high temperature and pressure. With good safety margin it withstands common for water supply loads.
Polypropylene pipes, in comparison with steel pipes, have much plainer inner surface and possesses minor thermal conduction. Owing to these properties, PPRC pipes are notable for lesser pressure and heat loss. Condensate is not generated so abundantly on cold water pipes, and it is required less insulating material for lagging arrangement. When fluid in PPRC pipes is congealed, they don’t destroy, but enlarge in diameter and reacquire the previous size when defrosted.
One more attractive characteristic of PPRC pipes is the bounding technique. Fittings and stop valve are produced not from expensive non-ferrous metals, but from the same polypropylene. Sleeve welding used for assembling is highly a simple technology, and anyone who wishes is able to master it. Pipes are bounded by means of contact thermal welding. Special combined details allow to join polypropylene pipes with metal pipes.  
The relative drawback of PPRC pipe-lines is sufficiently high thermal-expansion coefficient. The given problem is solved by compensator usage.

CodeIndicationD, mmS, mmMass 1 r.m, kg
Pipes for hot and cold water type 3
200963Pipe 20-2,0-PP203,40,172
200964Pipe 25-2,0-PP254,20,266
200965Pipe 32-2,0-PP325,40,434
200128Pipe 40-2,0-PP406,70,671
200182Pipe 50-2,0-PP508,41,050
Pipes for cold water type 3
200124Pipe 20-2,0-PP201,90,107
200125Pipe 25-2,0-PP252,30,164
200126Pipe 32-2,0-PP322,90,267


CodeIndicationd, mmS, mmL, mmMass, kg
 320452Sleeve 20-2,0-PP type 3253,4320,008
 320453Sleeve 25-2,0-PP type 3324,2350,016
 320454Sleeve 32-2,0-PP type 3325,4390,037
 320607Sleeve 40-2,0-PP type 3406,7440,046
 320669Sleeve 50-2,0-PP type 350



 Reducing sleeves

CodeIndicationd, mmd1, mmL, mmMass, kg
*Sleeve 25х20-2,0-PP type 32520360,017
*Sleeve  32х20-2,0-PP type 33220400,022
320497Sleeve  32х25-2,0-PP type 33225500,030
320639Sleeve  40х32-2,0-PP type 34032450,038
*Sleeve  50х40-2,0-PP type 35040530,080

Male thread sleeves

CodeIndicationd, mmD, mml, mmL, mmMass, kg
320525Male thread sleeve 20×1/2-2,0-PP type 320G1/2-В1453,50,054
*Male thread sleeve 25×3/4-2,0-PP type 325G3/4-В18590,124
320812Male thread sleeve  32×1-2,0-PP type 332G1-В19700,141
*Male thread sleeve  40×1 1/4-2,0-PP type 340G11/4-В21700,369
*Male thread sleeve  50×1 1/2-2,0-PP type 350G11/2-В34860,523

 Female thread sleeves 

CodeIndicationd, mmD, mml, mmL, mmMass, kg
320524Female thread sleeve 20×1/2-0,2-PP type 320G1/2-В1240,50,041
*Female thread sleeve 25×3/4-0,2-PP type 325G3/4-В16470,089
320258Female thread sleeve 32×1-0,2-PP type 332G1-В15510,115
*Female thread sleeve 40×11/4-0,2-PP type 340G11/4-В20,5620,340
*Female thread sleeve 50×11/2-0,2-PP type 350G11/2-В23,5690,383

Angle pieces 45°

CodeIndicationd, mmS, mmk, mmt, mmMass, kg
320448Angle piece  45°х20-2,0-PP type 3203,4514,50,011
320496Angle piece  45°х25-2,0-PP type 3254,26160,020
320495Angle piece  45°х32-2,0-PP type 3325,47,5180,035
320587Angle piece  45°х40-2,0-PP type 3406,79,520,50,060
*Angle piece  45°х50-2,0-PP type 3508,411,523,50,115

  Angle pieces 90°

CodeIndicationd, mmS, mmk, mmt, mmMass, kg
320445Angle piece   90°х20-2,0-PP type 3203,411390,014
320446Angle piece   90°х25-2,0-PP type 3254,213,5460,021
320447Angle piece   90°х32-2,0-PP type 3325,417560,051
320616Angle piece   90°х40-2,0-PP type 3406,721680,080
*Angle piece   90°х50-2,0-PP type 3508,42682,50,130

Male thread angle pieces

CodeIndicationd, mmG, mmk, mmk1, mmL, mmMass, kg
320554Male thread angle piece 20×1/2’-2,0-PP type 3201,2’3716160,065
*Male thread angle piece 32×1’-2,0-PP type 3321’4620210,218



CodeIndicationd, mmG, mmk, mmk1, mmL, mmMass, kg
320554Female thread angle piece 20×1/2’-2,0-PP type 3201,2’3716140,067
*Female thread angle piece 32-х1’-2,0-PP type 3321’4620210,218



CodeIndicationMass, kg
320556Angle piece with fixing 20×1/2’-2,0-PP type 30,058


CodeIndicationd, mmS, mmK, mmB, mmL, mmMass,kg
320449T-tube 20-2,0-PP type 3203,41139510,016
320450T-tube  25-2,0-PP type 3254,213,546590,030
320451T-tube  32-2,0-PP type 3325,41756700,065
320624T-tube  40-2,0-PP type 3406,72168830,096
*T-tube  50-2,0-PP type 3508,42682,5990,180

Transition T-tubes

CodeIndicationd, mmS, mmk, mmk1, mmB, mmL, mmMass, kg
320498T-tube 25×20-2,0-PP type 325201113,532,7540,030
320503T-tube  32×20-2,0-PP type 33220111742,1580,040
*T-tube  32×25-2,0-PP type 3322513,51768700,072
320670T-tube  40×20-2,0-PP type 34020112162630,065
*T-tube  40×32-2,0-PP type 34032172182860,137
*T-tube  50×40-2,0-PP type 35040212686910,177

Male T-tube

CodeIndicationMass, kg
320557Male T-tube 20×1/2-2,0-PP type 30,074

Female T-tube

CodeIndicationMass, kg
320526Female T-tube 20×1/2-2,0-PP type 30,062

Detached connections

CodeIndicationd, mmI, mmL, mmS, mmMass, kg
*Detached connection 20-2,0-PP type 32052107410,084
*Detached connection 25-2,0-PP type 32558119500,143
*Detached connection 32-2,0-PP type 33263129550,208

Female connections

CodeIndicationd, mmRp, mmL, mmMass, kg
*Female connection 20×1/2’-2,0-PP type 3201/2’600,089
*Female connection 25×3/4’-2,0-PP type 3253/4’620,120
*Female connection 32×1’-2,0-PP type 3321’700,202

Male connections

CodeIndicationd, mmRp, mmL, mmMass, kg
*Male connection 20×1/2’-2,0-PP type 3201/2’770,130
*Male connection 25×3/4’-2,0-PP type 3253/4’800,216
*Male connection 32×1’-2,0-PP type 3321’920,363

Sleeves with coupling nut

CodeIndicationd, mmD, mmL, mmMass, kg
*Sleeve with coupling 20×1/2’-2,0-PP type 320G1/2-В770,040
*Sleeve with coupling 25×3/4’-2,0-PP type 325G3/4-В800,062
*Sleeve with coupling 32×1’-2,0-PP type 332G1-В920,105

Male plug fitting

CodeIndicationMass, kg
320613Male plug fitting 20×1/2-2,0-PP type 30,004

Female plug fitting

CodeIndicationMass, kg
320614Female plug fitting 20×1/2-2,0-PP type 30,005


CodeIndicationd, mmS, mmD, mmB,min mmL,min mmMass, kg
320617Equalizer 20-2,0-PP type 3203,4200404200,170
320618Equalizer 25-2,0-PP type 3254,2205504100,260
320629Equalizer 32-2,0-PP type 3325,4215644000,434
320723Equalizer 40-2,0-PP type 3406,7275804200,782

Pipe bearings

CodeIndicationd, mmH, mmL, mmMass, kg
320562Pipe bearing2027310,005
320486Pipe bearing2531360,006
320585Pipe bearing3237430,009
320632Pipe bearing4043540,011
320660Pipe bearing5049640,013


CodeIndicationd, mmS, mmR, mmH, mmL,min mmMass, kg
320620Clevis 20-2,0-PP type 3203,4140533650,070
320621Clevis 25-2,0-PP type 3254,2150563700,110
320701Clevis 32-2,0-PP type 3325,4150683760,172
*Clevis 40-2,0-PP type 3406,7160754000,280


CodeIndicationd, mmd1, mmD, mmL, mmMass, kg
320505Bellmouth 20-2,0-PP type 320273017,50,006
320504Bellmouth 25-2,0-PP type 3253338,5190,009
320515Bellmouth 32-2,0-PP type 3324044,5210,013


CodeIndicationd, mmS, mmH, mmMass, kg
320657Cap 20-2,0-PP type 3203,4270,080
320646Cap  25-2,0-PP type 3254,2300,013
320666Cap  32-2,0-PP type 3325,4330,022
320671Cap  40-2,0-PP type 3406,7360,036
320727Cap  50-2,0-PP type 3508,4410,070

Mounting pads

CodeIndicationМасса, кг
320653Mounting pads (with hole)0,076
320654Mounting pads (solid)0,081

Ball cocks

CodeIndicationd, mmÀ, mmL, mmMass, kg
*Ball cock 20-2,0-PP type 32014,5630,137
*Ball cock 25-2,0-PP type 32516710,189
*Ball cock 32-2,0-PP type 3321879,50,315
*Ball cock 40-2,0-PP type 34020,51000,580
*Ball cock 50-2,0-PP type 35023,51150,888

Corrugated hoses for PP pipes isolation

CodeIndicationDн, mmDв, mmS, mmPipeMass, kg
200165ШГ-ПЭНД-2520200,5PP 2,00-20×3,40,060
200164ШГ-ПЭНД-3232250,6PP 2,00-25×4,20,090
200269ШГ-ПЭНД-6363541,1PP 2,00-50×8,30,220

Corrugated sheaths for PP pipes isolation

CodeIndicationD, mmd, mmPipeMass, kg
830011БП 611.067-025640PP- 2,00-400,045
830012БП 611.067-014832PP- 2,00-320,038
БП 611.067-004125PP-2,00-250,018


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+375 (177)  74-48-09

+375 (177)  span>74-46-96

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