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Extrusion line for polymeric packing production was started up in Belarus

Carnevalli together with Terra Print have realized a large project in the field of plastic film production — the extrusion line Carnevalli Polaris COEX 3 PO was opened up at BZPI.

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Container for fruit and vegetable products 620 l

Item cypher: 830056
Commodity Code: 3923100000

Product technical characteristics:

- Overall dimensions: 1200×1005×825;
- Capacity: 620 дм3;
- Load-carrying capacity: 500 kg;
- Internal surfaces of the basis and lateral walls — smooth, punched.
In the recent time much attention in the media and other specialized publications is paid on improving the competitiveness of agricultural products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Variety of factors as the quality of the products and diversity of ways to refine (sorting, washing, packaging) depending on the channel of realization. Applying of packaging and containers for proper preservation of quality indicators and palatability of the goods during storage and transportation is one of the biggest producers tasks. 
In order to deal with this problem our plant mastered the production of collapsible containers for storage of fruits and vegetables. They are produced by rotational molding, resistant to the most chemicals and solvents, they are ideal for storing and transporting both food and chemical products.
Large-sized, universal, easy to handle, collapsible containers are made with perforated walls and base have smooth internal surfaces and smooth corners for easy cleaning. The design of such containers provides their stability during the transportation, stacking and storage, reaching a maximum usage of space when they are in a stack with merchandise. Terms of containers use is from minus 40 º C to plus 60 º C.
Collapsible containersperforated designed for storage and transportation of fruits, vegetables, root crops and other products in storehouses with adjustable microclimate are also used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries and others. Advantages of collapsible containers for storage of fruit and vegetable:
- Ease cleaning and disinfection;
- Large number of containers in a single weight, therefore it saves space during the storage and transportation;
- The possibility of stacking one on one;
- Maintain a constant weight and can be used in systems of accurate weighing;
- The possibility of repairing by damaged elements replacing;
- High hygienic properties;
- Smooth walls of the container are easy cleaning , that reduces mud for product from the fields;
- High durability, bending strength and impact strength;
- Not susceptible to rotting, moisture accumulates, harmful substances and odors;
- Long service life.

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