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Two-layer films


 Double-layer polyethylene film - black - on one side and white - on the other. Thanks to its unique properties it is widely used in woodworking industry and agriculture. In agrculture: the film is laid down on the ground by the white side up, implantation is made through the film. Due to reflective properties of the white surface the amount of light getting on plants increases. Thanks to the black layer, the film combats weeds and fulfil the function of mulching layer.

Two-layer films have unique properties due to the possibility to combine different kinds of material.
Sleeves for storage flattened grains. With introduction in operation lines Carnevalli Polaris COEX 3 PO the enterprise has completely provided requirement of agricultural productions of Belarus for polymeric sleeves for storage flattened grains. A polymeric sleeve for flattened grains outside white (to avoid heating on the sun), and inside — black — to provide the best safety of grain. Besides, the external layer of a sleeve possesses the raised light resistance that is reached by addition in it special additives.