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Modified films


Modified films. Modifying additives are added to polyethylene film to improve consumer characteristics.

Light-stabilised film - a polyethylene film into which structure enters stabilisers, protecting a film from adverse influence of solar beams. Thanks to such protection film service life increases till 3-5 seasons. Light-stabilised film the film is applied as an elastic material to a covering of hotbeds and hothouses. Operation term light-stabilised film - not less than 3 seasons. For difference from other kinds of a film light-stabilised film of manufacture of JSC “BPPP” is tinted in yellow colour.

The light-stabilised film  possess the following properties:

  • transparence and flexibility;
  • sustainability to ultraviolet;
  • water- and vapour resistance;
  • retains heat;
  • speeds up ripening of vegetables and increases productivity;
  • ecologically secure. 

Film with a special additive “Antifog”. Special additive “Antifog” interferes with formation of large drops of a condensate on an internal surface of a hotbed: drops roll down on a film and do not get on covered plants. At the expense of increase in a transparency of a film and reduction of solar burns of plants the crop increases. For difference from other kinds of a film the film with special additive “Antifog” of manufacture of 

JSC «BPPP» is tinted in green colour.