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Shrink film

Shrink film is used in various industries both for packing of piece products, and for multiple packing of production on pallets, in boxes, trays etc. Shrink film is elastic, durable, moistureproof. It changes dimensions easily under the influence of temperature that allows to form it into products packed.
Shrink film brands «O» and «»
Shrink film brands «O» and «» are designed, basically, for packing by banding or full wrapping with subsequent shrinkage of one or several products. Main consumers of such films are the enterprises of water, juice, alcoholic production bottling. Usually such film is used on automatic packing lines and has attractive appearance. It protects the goods from environment influence, firmly fixes its position, simplifies process of production storage and transportation, provides production safety.
Shrink film brand «U»
Shrink film brand «U» is designed for single packing of such products as wall-paper, books, magazines.
Main objective of the film usage is prevention of moisture influence on production.
Shrink film brand «P»
Shrink film brand «P» is designed for multiple package, basically, on pallets.
Such film is used for production transportation convenience, and is good protection against a moisture, dust, various mechanical damages.

Main consumers of the film are the enterprises of building industry and rolled roofing materials manufacturers.